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Not a week after I got my new Honda, I got in a vehicle collision with a vapid 17-year-old cheerleader name Savannah. (Apparently, we don't call them "accidents," since if everyone was driving as they are supposed to, there'd never be any crashes.) Obviously, I was in no shape to take pictures, but I did manage to get my hands on the police report regarding the accident collision. I was quickly rushed from the scene of the accident to a local hospital, and became the patient admitted under medical record number K00024632. (I've also decided to share the record of my hospitazliation, if you like techno-medical babble.)

When I arrived, I wasn't at all in a good way, or so the nurses and doctors tell me. Even to go to the bathroom, I was strapped to a wing-ful of tubes and an IV bottle. All things considered, this bed is still nicer than anything Tubby has offered to let me sleep in.
During my recovery, I had to have my blood pressure checked often; I'm a consistent 115/80. Yea! There was a quick scare when my heart stopped, but some fast work saved the day -- and my life... ...from then on, I was on a monitor to ensure we didn't have another near-death event. (My heartbeat.)
After eating my fill of hospital Jell-O, I've managed to gain 15 grams! Before going home, I figured I'd take a few minutes to wash up. The place of convalescence for the last few days... goodbye, 2026A.
On my way out, I got to model the surgical cap. Pretty chic, huh...!    

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