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So, I managed to get an offer to tag along to the 2001 Hot August Nights (official site) this past weekend (August 3-5)... and when you get a free ride to Reno to see a ton of old cars, and what I was promised to contain numerous, attractive women in a wide various of warm-weather outfits, I couldn't refuse.  The trip itself was okay, albeit long (it's normally a three hour trip, but it took nearly six hours due to traffic, and the entire downtown area of Reno being congested with Night participants).  Crossing Virginia Street from the freeway exit to the 1800 block of Virginia was 45 minutes, much of which spent behind a lowered '93 Explorer with a gawd-awful group of passengers listening to some boomin' noise (or music, as I'm sure they'd call it).

Anyway, managed to get my fill of cars, old chicks (not too many under 25 types there, I assure you... at least where I was), and even snuck in some gambling.  (And more surprising, I managed to get off a picture before concerned employees began looking around for the source of the flash in the no-photography environment of Nevada casinos.) 

At least part of the trip's delay was due to following a slow 5-0 for several miles. Upon our arrival, though, I found even the bathroom to be quite comfy -- complete with phone. I discovered guys tend to get quite excited when birds sit on their cars, like this '53 Chevy thingy...

Yet, they don't get as weird when a bad-ass duck with keys to their baby is sitting inside. One of the cars I didn't sit on... ... and another that wasn't graced with a dust imprint of my butt.

... and a poor quality panoramic pic of one of the lots.  My luck is about as good as yours, no luck at Keno... ... or slots.  Damnit!

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