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Kwik-e-Mart Visit

With 7-11 converting a dozen or so stores into Kwik-e-Marts in anticipating of the upcoming Simpson's Movie (need the spoiler?), I figure I had a few options for places to drive: Seattle, Burbank, or Mountain View. Given two were 10+ hours away and the third only a few hours, I opted for Mountain View.

Kwik-e-Mart Visit Kwik-e-Mart Visit Kwik-e-Mart Visit
Well, it sure *looks* like a Kwik-e-Mart on the outside, but never judge a store by the wrapper. Inside, I first set my eyes -- then my feet -- on a big stack of Buzz Cola... then bought two 6-packs. Mmmm, pink donuts. But more importantly, yes, that guy in the back is pointing rudely at me.
Kwik-e-Mart Visit Kwik-e-Mart Visit Kwik-e-Mart Visit
Squishees! They were out of the Simpsons cups, fortunately, I got mine elsewhere: no harm, no fowl. The omni-present Apu's marketing with the "Buy 3 for the Price of 3" mentality. It feels like home... ... and if that wasn't enough, Homer munching on a foot-long over in the corner would do it.

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