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I have a spa at home, but there's having a spa, and going to one. The going to one is just fabulous -- far better than the do-it-yourself deal. But before the day was over, I found it wasn't just because I was cute. The hook -- I needed to babysit for the little munchkin tonight. But how hard can that be?

Like most of my trips, this one began with a sign. Onward. My day began with a trim. I sort of like the current style, although I do like that Sean Connery. We just went with a trim to get the stray feathers off the back of the neck, that sort of thing.
Not bad, really, for a human stylist. On to the back massage. This really *is* good stuff... ... and on to the neck massage, mmmm...
... and then the scalp. i was then sent off to the spa. Oooh, nice. Even if the lens got all steamed up once the water was on (so no pics, sorry).  

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