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Movies & TV Shoots

In this outing, director Gus Van Sant is leading a project that chronicles the life and death of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay San Francisco city supervisor. Shooting began on a rainy Monday in late January 2008 on the streets of San Francisco (here at San Francisco Fire Station 43 on Moscow Street).

Milk Movie Shoot Milk Movie Shoot Milk Movie Shoot
The early standing about as the actors wait for the main folks to arrive for the day. People milling about, getting ready for the shot. They are interviewing "Dan White" (Josh Brolin) here. The news camera crew there in the scene to interview one of the main characters about something.
Milk Movie Shoot Milk Movie Shoot Milk Movie Shoot
Another view point of the folks milling about; director Gus Van Sant is toward the left/center. More standing as they decision to wrap up the day is being made. Once the struck the set, the crew cleaned up the sets quickly and left for the next location.

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