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Movies & TV Shoots

For this project, the producer called us to rent as many as six fire trucks. Filmed on Treasure Island to the northeast of San Francisco, the scene was one of recreating the Oklahoma City bombing that occurred at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. Wicktonville (and other agency) fire vehicles were in the scene as the emergency responders to the disaster.

Winding Heart Movie Winding Heart Movie Winding Heart Movie
I watched most of the action in the morning from the back of WFD's Rescue 71 truck. Once the action moved forward, Rescue 71 was moved into place to transport the "victim." WFD Engine 2 pumps water as the victim is carried away from the disaster scene.
Winding Heart Movie Winding Heart Movie Winding Heart Movie
WFD Engine 2 was moved into position for the firefighters to spray water into the disaster scene. WFD Quint 59 is the background as folks take a break between setting up for the next scene. In one of the fill-in scenes, a firefighter is filmed approaching the scene from next to Engine 2.

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