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At the low cost of $4 for adults, and with ducks and children under 16 free, this was a low-cost outing that was rich in stuff to see and read about. And yes, Tubby is fond of trains. I like 'em okay, but not as much as he does. (You can also pop over to the museum's official web site, if you're a fan of the choo-choo, too.)

How's that for a classy sign? Fittingly enough, the entrance to the museum is marked with No. 1 Gov. Stanford. No. 12 Sonoma is marked all shiny and restored, and has lots of pretty gold accents on it now.
No. 4294 was probably the largest engine-tender combo I saw here today. Massive and impressive. This conductor isn't a statue, but a guy who looks like he worked on one of these old iron horses once. While not many, there were even a few trains laying about that didn't dwarf me in size comparisons.

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