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I'm of a responsible age, and I get bored sitting around the house every time Tubby is out and about, and I'm left behind to just stand in front of my WebCam.

So, I wanted a puppy. I got the usual run-around about responsibility and scenarios of who's going to take care of the dog when we're out of town. After a compromise, of sorts, I ended up with a Guinea pig... whom I've named Puppy. Aside from the fact that both Puppy and I are quite a bit smaller than the average dog and dog owner, respectively, we do all of the same things.

We're off to the park, but I'm torn... do I need the poop scoop. Ah... better safe than sorry. We got off the path and wandered around the place. It's important to keep your puppy on a leash. Once more, it's Puppy... sort of his debut on the 'web... bonus that he's also slightly web-footed, eh?
As with all things, there is the usual care to be paid to a clean cage.    


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