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Sure, I'm a bit young (and not in high school, given my advanced emotional and cranial conditions) for Senior Ball, but by virtue of being a hot, attractive duck, I went anyway... stag, of course. (But again, I am single, so there's opportunities to date me -- sign up now, limited time offer, while supplies last.)

Sure, laugh at my sprig of baby's breath and pink ribbon... but there's a method in the madness. Sure enough, being stag ain't so bad... I managed to attract this lovely lady in no time at all... ... and what's this, you ask? Two? Indeed! Yessir, boys, watch out -- I'm quite dapper with my sprig.
The four couples whom I got to accompany to prom. (Notice the 2 girls are still checking me out?) They're still smiling pretty for the cameras and their moms, but I'm ready to roll. Nice limo, too, huh. Sorry, no pics at the prom... stop complaining -- how many pics do you have of YOUR prom, eh?

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