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Certainly, I took many more pictures (41 in all, not counting the chicks in Wranglers, not included here).  But if someone wasn't falling off of a horse, why show it?  We've all seen people not falling off, right?

It's a day at the rodeo -- yee haw!  (The bonus of it is, I already have my very own hat.) Oddly enough, the breezeway looks exactly like the county fair, except everyone has on a hat. 'Course, it's no rodeo without a tractor stirring up dust, and a guy in a hat to oversee that activity.
Opening ceremony... Favorite moment was the introduction of the 13-year-old girl carrying the Smokeless Tobacco flag. Well, if you can't stay on, then at least fall off without getting kicked... Kid racing.  Take off your shoes, run a distance, put them on, and run back.  In a arena full of horses and bull... anyway...
Whoopsy-doodle... Calf-roping.  Very nice.  Except for the calf, anyway, I guess.

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