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What warm-blooded American sort of fowl wouldn't want to go to a baseball game? Well, honestly, I don't know either, but the tickets were free, and given where the seats were, you almost feel like you're flying... you can't get too much higher than this without using something unnatural (like an airplane -- what were you thinking?!?).

My "View Box" seat, although that's a bad up name, as I could only see little white dots. See?  What did I tell you?  I can't see ka-ka. But I did get food.  And see?  San Francisco.  Bay Bridge in the background of PacBell Park.
If you don't believe I went, where you think the ticket came from?  Free from a vendor?  (Well, it was, but I still went, dang it!)  I tried Seat 9, but the view was worse, and 13 was vacant.

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