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When close-to-the-floor tickets for a basketball game came around (the Sideline Club, I think it is), it seemed reasonable to see what these games are all about. For this match-up, it was the Golden State Warriors hosting the Phoenix Suns.

Basketball Game Basketball Game Basketball Game
With the ticket came a parking pass, so we were parked pretty close to the arena itself. The pre-game show and camera setup by the ESPN folks at center court. The game started at 6pm, earlier than the usual 7:30pm tip-off (or so I was told).
Basketball Game Basketball Game Basketball Game
Bounce the ball, run this way, bounce it, run that way; 12 minutes times four quarters. And in the end, the Warriors win the game, 120 to 118. There was much rejoicing. Following the exodus, the masses all flooded into the parking lot, and then onto the nearby interstate.

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