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Bocce Ball

It was something new and different to try, and let's face it, I haven't been getting out much lately (sigh). So, when I was invited to go with, I hopped (well, flew low to the ground briefly) with glee. Bocce dates back to 5200 B.C., though it's only slowly gaining popularity in the United States. (And yes, there is a World Bocce web site with more information, should you require it.)

Frank doing Bocce Frank doing Bocce Frank doing Bocce
The silver Pallino ball is what you aim for, and the balls of the same team/color nearest get the point. As you get closer, you begin to see the pattern; here, the green did just a wee bit better. The tragedy in this set is I'm part of the green team -- six red balls all nearest, 6 points for team red.
Frank doing Bocce Frank doing Bocce Frank doing Bocce
I had a clear view of things, even if the photo doesn't reflect it. And I wasn't doing that well. In the event of a near-tie, a tape measure is available to determine who's *really* the closest. Given this is an Italian sport, of sorts, it's reasonable the foods available were Italian -- yummy!

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