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It's one of those rights-of-passage that everyone -- human and ducks -- must try and ensure to be able to call yourself an American. (I dunno... maybe they bowl in Canada, but I've never been there, so I can't say for sure.)

Once they take your dough and give you some funky shoes, you're suppose to pick a ball. After selecting a 6 pound ball, I went to the keyboard -- I didn't know this job required data entry. Bowling for Dummies - When the screen is red on your name, it's your turn, you dumb duck... oops.
Funky shoes on webbed toes, my 6 pounder on the lane and the bumpers up, I'm good to go... this fifth set (?), I managed to get more. Close enough. Well, certainly I didn't win, but heck, I'm 10 inches tall and under two pounds, so not bad, right.

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