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The game started at 5pm. Due to some planning errors on the Bald One's part, we arrived a little after 6pm. Apparently traffic concerns weren't adequately planned upon, particularly when you consider the game was a 49ers vs. Raiders game, at Candlestick, er, 3Com Park, owing to fans for both teams from the San Francisco Bay Area trying to pile across the Bay Bridge at 4pm. Grr.

Where were we at 5pm for kick-off? Waiting to cross the bridge. It took ~2 hours to travel 15 miles. Once in the parking lot ($25 per car, please), we begin the long trek to the 3Com Park gates. Ah, the new American ritual of weapons checks at sporting event. No knives, but I do have a ticket.
The view would have perfect if not for the hat guy and the guy standing in the way down below. So, this is football? They line up, throw a ball, run, and line up again? Fascinating!!! And they line up again, and throw the ball again, and run again, etc., etc., etc... Hmmph.

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