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Although not a foul-weathered fowl, I can appreciate the fun and sport of snow. Particularly when it involves a trip with a couple of cute chicks, and the promise of more cute chicks at the slopes. So, off I went...

Mmm, hot chicks. And paperwork. What could be hotter? Equipment - Gotta have that, or you're sliding down the hill on your arse. Chris hooked me up. Next, boots and board. Minus the boots. They had nothing in a boys web-footed size.
Paperwork's done, and I'm off to the slopes... even with some klutz knocking me off the chair. Woohoo...!!! Bound to happen. A boo-boo. It seems that planting one's beak into the snow is gonna hurt.
But some outrageously priced lunch made it... worse. $2.75 for 16oz of Diet Pepsi, gah. Fortunately, though, the babe count on the mountain was high. (And they didn't see me fall.)

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