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... recognizing, of course, it seems like just last year I was doing this - alas, it's the boy's family.  As the story goes, birds of a feather.

The wedding was in East Helena, a mere 1,100 miles from home.  Which, as we found out, is a 16 hour drive (17 hours on the clock due to the time zone change going, or 15 on the clock coming back).  For reasons of being reasonable and prudent, we left home at 9pm on Thursday, July 4, 2002.  It was actually sort of cool driving up the interstate watching all of the towns, large and small along the way, doing their fireworks displays. 

What you're seeing here is the reality that I didn't take any pictures of the ceremony.  Sorry. But, I did find it amusing that the 'Last Supper' artwork was over the snack bar area. When the 'I do's were traded, they loaded up on the wedding train...
The mashing of the cake into one another's face.  Unlike many ceremonies, they were actually quite tidy about it... darn it. The money dance.  The bride placed her haul into a lovely bag.  The groom used the best man's prosthetic leg for the collection. The traditional photo of the bride with a web-footed wedding guest.  The photo's a bit grainy though, apologies... 

I wasn't aware the Macarena was a traditional wedding dance, but there you have it. As they danced, I decided to see what 53 helium balloons could do.  It was quite uplifting...!    Success!  And, huge popularity with both the ladies...
... and the guys.  I'm undecided, but seems to be a 50% increase in fans if I go with the guys. The evening wore on, and soon, the bicycle races began.  Again, not aware of this tradition... ... but it was entertaining, even if unconventional.  The groom won, by the way.

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