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I figured when the opportunity was offered, I ought to go ahead and see what all my corporate sponsor actually did to bring in the dough that made 'em good at whatever it is they do.  Interesting stuff, actually...

Like all good tours, mine started outside.  I first had to put on a hard hat, for safety's sake. That's a whole lotta bubble wrap, isn't it?  I thought so, and I don't weigh enough to pop it. After the bubble we wandered into the area where all the boxes are stored until sold off.
More boxes; these are auto- bottoms, meaning you don't have to fold the bottom into place. Yup, it seems all those movers have to get their boxes somewhere; he's such a place. Of course, boxes are heavy.  For that, there's forklifts to move all this stuff to the waiting trucks.
Bundles of paper pads.  They are often used as a cushioning between... stuff.  This stuff is stretch film, used to wrap up stuff placed on pallets.  (It's bought by the pound, neat!) How's this for a twist?  These boxes contain poly (plastic) bags.  Funny, eh?
And the tour ended in the office of the president.  Who's off doing president stuff, I guess.

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