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This is a-boot me.  This is a-boot stuff.  And, this is was a-boot free. 

Good news, bad news...

  • The good news is, the line of FrankStuff is going to be expanding into my online store, Frank's Shop.
  • The bad news is, it's not free. But the other good news is, since it's not going to be a 100% loss for me, I'll FINALLY be able to offer a greater variety of stuff for you to wear, throw, and stick to things.

The new shop will be up and running on July 1st. (It's ready now, really, but The Man told us we can't legally do stuff before that date... dang, dood.)


FrankStuff! isn't technically a registered trademark of, or anyone else, really.  But, any attempts to steal my likeness, dislikeness, or my safari hat is quite rude, and will not be tolerated.  Violations result in no FrankStuff! for you.  Hmmph!

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