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Flag of Australia

 "Land Down Under"  
 Motto: (Can't locate one for Australia...)

"A jolly nice place to plan an extended visit." -Frank


Pick a state (not of mind) to see more of this land, or if you're all about currency, check out the Aussie dollars and cents.

You can also read about my trip to Syndey in September 2002 or my Kiwis & Koalas Trip to New Zealand and Australia.

Oh, and if you're curious about why Hungry Jack places look like Burger King, here's your answer.

New South Wales - "The Premier State"
Bondi Beach (Sep. '02)
      Chatswood (Sep. '02)
      Justice & Police Museum (Sydney) (Jun. '04)
      Manly (Jun. '04)
      Olympic Park (Sep. '02)
      Sydney 2002 (Sep. '02)
      Sydney 2004 (Jun. '04)
      Taronga Zoo (Sep. '02)

Northern Territory - "The Outback State"
      Adelaide River (Jun. '04)
      Crocodylus Park (near Berrimah) (Jun. '04)
      Darwin (Jun. '04)
      Edith Falls (Jun. '04)
      Katherine (Jun. '04)
      Katherine Gorge (Jun. '04)
      Pine Creek (Jun. '04)

Queensland - "Sunshine State"
      Australia Zoo (outside Beerwah) (Jun. '04)
      Brisbane (Jun. '04)
      Cairns (Jun. '04)
      Great Barrier Reef (Jun. '04)
      Port Douglas (Jun. '04)

South Australia - "Festival State"
      Adelaide (Jun. '04)
      Glenelg (Jun. '04)
      Port Adelaide (Jun. '04)
      Semaphore (Jun. '04)

Tasmania - "The Apple State" aka "The Holiday State"
      Flowerpot (Jun. '04)
      Hobart (Jun. '04)
      Kettering (Jun. '04)
      Kingston (Jun. '04)
      Pontville (Jun. '04)
      Snug (Jun. '04)
      Woodbridge (Jun. '04)

Victoria - "The Garden State"
      Melbourne (Jun. '04)

Western Australia - "The Wildflower State"
      Perth (Jun. '04)

Australia map Western Australia Tasmania Northern Territory Queensland New South Wales South Australia Victoria

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