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Flag of Austria

  Austria doesn't seem to have a nickname.
 Motto:  None

"Lovely country, though the Vienna prices were... pricey." -Frank


Austria is full member European Union, and as such, participates in the use of the common currency, the Euro. A glimpse of that money is here.

The Alps - The Alps sit in several countries, but we saw these from the Austria neck of the world. (Mar. '08)

Melk - A quaint little town along the Rhine (and decent lunching spot). (Mar. '08)

Rhine River - The Rhine snakes through Austria as both a point of beauty and commerce. (Mar. '08)

Salzburg - The Sound of Music's "birthplace," and Mozart's, from age 0 to 25. (Mar. '08)

Vienna and Vienna at Night - The capital city, largest population, and adult home of Mozart. (Mar. '08)

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