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When an invite to tag along on any trip -- especially a foreign one -- comes along, I leap at the chance. And knowing we would be going to Germany, in the onset of Oktoberfest, even better -- even if I didn't HAVE to have already celebrated my 21st birthday to drink given the rules there are a tad different. No matter -- I'm off!

Reading a book Frankfurt airport
Like any well-executed plan, this one begins with some research before taking flight. And at long last, having landed in Frankfurt (love that name!), we wait for a lift to the hotel. It seems to familiar, and yet, it's different.
After a marginal rest period, we were up again at 5:45am for a Rhine River tour, then visited (not in order):
Lucerne, Switzerland    
Lucerne, Switzerland Triberg, Germany The oh-so-wordy Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
The Black Borest drove (not nearly as omnious as it sounds, either)    


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