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Flag of Germany

 Germany is without a nickname.  
 Motto:  Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit (Unity and Justice and Freedom)

"One of the few places Tubby can fake marginal speaking skills." -Frank


Germany is full member European Union, and as such, participates in the use of the common currency, the Euro. A glimpse of that money is here.

Munich - My first and last night of my trip left us in this fine city. (Mar '08)

Neufahrn - A quite-by-accident find when we were put up for the night here before our flight. Cute. (Mar '08)

Nuremberg - A thousand years-plus of history, a gigantic wall, and a few bad years in the 1940s. (Mar '08)

Rhine River and Reichenstein Castle - A cruise down (up?) and a pop into an 11th century castle. (Sep '11) **

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