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Ensenada was predominately a chauffeured tour of one of the major boulevards, en route to La Bufadora ("The Blowhole").  The location itself is a meeting of two rock masses where water is pushed against itself to form a natural geyser with each tide coming in.  Owing to the natural curiosity of people, and the notion that making a few bucks on tourists is never a bad idea, the buses and vans park at the top of the hill, and we all had to walk to the Bufadora at the bottom through a narrow street lined with vendors of all varieties of wares.

We arrived in port and were greeted with a 300-foot flag pole with the Mexican flag.  It's the little things that differ, for example, they spell "telephone" differently. I'm at the Bufadora.  Yes, it blows...
... and blow and blows. I needed to go potty, but it ain't free, and I don't have a wallet -- and credit ain't an option. Hoping to alleviate the "pressing" need, I was able to sit still for a pic of me in front of the town.
I did grab myself a sombrero at a fabulously price, though, and wore it back up to the bus. I'm waiting for magic to happen on the bus.  It didn't, but aren't I cute? McDonalds and it's "Auto Mac", which apparently is code for "drive-thru".

And at the end of the day, even the police cars look pretty much the same. The choice of gas stations?  Pemex.  It seems that the government owns the gasoline, at a price of about $1.60 (US)/gallon... pricey when you consider the average wage is much lower in Mexico.

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