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As much as it probably is causing your inner turmoil, no, there is no diary of the day's activities on this trip. Why? It's hot. Hot makes me lazy. Lazy means no writing... barely any pictures, really. Why would I be here, then, you ask? Simple: free ride into the state. While Tubby is attending some class or another, I'm wandering about. (And why he's going to class, I don't know; that's about as logical as trying to teach a dyslexic manatee how to read electrical schematics written in ancient Hebrew... it's darn near impossible, and even if the manatee, or bald one, learns anything, what do you hope to gain in the process? Exactly.)

The results of the trip just mean a bunch of places I visited in Central Arizona, not very near to Central Arizona, or along the way...

Other places in Arizona - just Tucson, Arizona.

The along the way places include:

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