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Sure, it's a ghost town in the loose definition of the term, but it's a thriving tourist trap today, and has people there, shoot-out shows, places to buy t-shirts and postcards, stores that are open 364 days a year (closed on Christmas Day), and even host the occasional fire. A real live ghost town wouldn't have much to burn down (take Rhyolite, Nevada, for example), and it certainly wouldn't have it's own web site with a calendar of events.

But I went anyway. And was both delighted and relieved to find my dreams of a commercialized paradise have come true. (The first clue was the fact the town was converted fro a real, dying town into a tourist paradise in the 1950s by Walter Knott, of Knott's Berry Farm fame, only to be turned over to the San Bernardino County Park district in 1966... I'm guessing after he found it wasn't going to be a thriving success.)

P.S. Due to budget cuts from the Park district, tours are no longer available to the public -- bummer. :(

How the place looked in 1951, when Knott bought the place for $13,500 -- note, only 5-6 buildings. But there's far more today, and the population is humming with tourists and free trade. Population shifts are always fun to me. I'm intrigued with the population jump in 1981, too.
One of the older style buildings that was rebuilt to original specifications. I like the idea that the undertaker also sells furniture and is the auctioneer -- a circle of life thing. Built in the 1950s, there's no sign a bottle house was ever in Calico; this was built by Knott's workers.
Um, sorry... there's no way I can fake this being related to a historical event or theme. Part of what I think is wrong with turning historical places into tourist traps (in a shop window). I like the way the suit brings out my eyes, but am I forever doomed to be with tall girls?

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