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Cambria seems to be working terribly hard to be the quaint, tourist-friendly, but down-to-earth town. Tough to be everything to everyone, and for my money ($18 for dinner in town), the pretense came through more than any genuine feeling of the place. (Maybe the locals skip Main Street?)

Cambria, California Cambria, California Cambria, California
Like San Simeon, too close to the ocean means foggy mornings and photos of me and signs. A stand-alone shop on Main Street, and one that didn't try to be like the others (pic below). Okay, yes, fuel prices fluctuate by 10 cents a day, but this town was a dollar more than anywhere else.
Cambria, California Cambria, California Cambria, California
Step a mile out of town, and you see what small town Cambria is really like. Small, but real. Just a view of the downtown area; it's cute, but seems all-to-planned for the tourists' sake. Looks like a cute barn (really a car wash), until you see the giant Shell sign nearby (inset photo).

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