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The small town of Cayucos is perched politely along Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean. It's a cute little town, all that beach-front community charm, older buildings, and very little in the way of commercial and corporate trappings.

Cayucos, California Cayucos, California Cayucos, California
A simple start to a laid-back sort of place. Okay, so I'd bet a doughnut (donut) with sprinkles it's not still open, but it's a neat-looing shop. This was the only market we saw, and a far cry from any sort of nationwide, impersonal chain.
Cayucos, California Cayucos, California Cayucos, California
One of the near-beach homes available for rent. (Rent, sure, but try and buy...?) This was about as fancy as things got when it comes to Main Street businesses. Nice. One of the several little alleys and paths leading right to the beaches of the Pacific.

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