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The Viking Serenade was originally put into service by Royal Caribbean on January 27, 1990.  She measures 623.5 feet in length, and is a hefty 40,132 tons, and can accommodate up to 2,110 guests as well as a crew of 614.  I was the only duck on board as near as I could tell, although I heard of an otter on one of the upper decks named Monty.  I managed to get some good lounging in on board, but sadly, failed to get a single phone number during any of the teen activities.  I suppose it's easy to overlook one who's a mere ten inches in altitude (sigh)...

At the bow of the Viking Serenade while still berthed at San Pedro, California My quaint little stateroom, despite having to share it with some really tall human types. On the desk the first night, just hanging out waiting for something magical to happen.
A charming game of ping-pong with some overly friendly, yet odd, folks... But a pause on the desk gave me time to relax without having balls launched at my head. Cabin Dude Henry does some fine things with towels... swans in the shape of a heart... aww.
... and the next night, Henry didn't failed to please.  The pink bunny was just too cute! Some conga line of waiters... dinner companions seem quite amused - an unexpected bonus!   For desert, the girl didn't want anything; the waiter brought her a plate of "nothing".  Funny...
Waiter Tony tried to pinch me, but Susan pulled me from harms way and scolded him properly. Hugs from Susan as Bill looks away; assistant waiter Chris in the background, with pepper. The Thanksgiving dinner in the Magic Flute dining room.  Aren't I lovely amongst the goards?

The rest of the residents of table 48, in an arch:  Jenna, Julie, Derek, Dieter, Susan, and Will.  Center:  Me, Megan, and Meagan. 

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