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If you're unfamiliar, Death Valley National Park is huge. Far bigger than can really be smooshed onto one page. (Well, okay, it could, but if you are loading it on dial-up, you'd really hate me.) As such, poke around for some of the sights within the park for more details.

Badwater - From here you can gaze to the lowest point in the U.S., which isn't marked, but is 282 feet below sea level. (We thought, sure, they could mark it, but some twit would hike out there, and with flash floods and all, and the sharpness of the salt flats, it would likely be a bit dangerous to encourage.)

Dante's View - Seemingly over the lowest point in the park (something like -282 feet below sea level) is Dante's View, upwards of nearly 5,500 feet above sea level.

Devil's Corn Field - Just one of those cute names they give places.

Devil's Golf Course - Well, if you've ever played golf (regular or miniature), you'd appreciate the humor of the name. Or, not.

Stovepipe Wells Village (we got there, nothing more than the sign to see in my view, though)

Zabriskie Point - Named after -- surprise! -- a guy named Zabriskie.

As with all trips, they begin with a sign. Although few have this many bullet holes. It seems you couldn't go too far before you're below sea level. Yes, you spend lots of time below sea level, here at -190 feet (lowest point in the US is here, -282 feet).
After paying the $10 per car fee, we wandered, and I posted some snail mail - check your mailbox! They may call this a relief map, but sitting on it is no walk in the park, let me assure you (ouch!). Ever wonder why it's hot here? Well, now we know...

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