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I went to Disneyland and California Adventure with a bunch of people between March 16-18, 2001, and in most cases, I've managed to clip them out of the pictures. Most of the picture are also thumbnails, so if you click on 'em, you just see me, Me, ME!

It was our first ride on the Grizzly River Run.  You'll get wet, but for me, the water rolls off my back. We are now well under way towards wetness now... ... and our FastPass got us onto Soarin' in record time.  My feet don't touch the ground!
I opted to rest here with the sound of a bear growling (in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail thingy... High atop the Sun Wheel, one can look across miles and miles... of parking lot. No way in hell was I going to go on the Maliboomer.   Sorry... that's 180 feet up!
Lunch... now lunch I'm a huge fan of.  So I had a pizza.   Now, if this isn't the coolest damn thing in the whole place, then I'm going home. Me in front of the Lego Store - cool, huh?
Me in front of the giant California Adventure sign (I picked the N, since had a cozy place to sit.) I wasn't trying to ignore the camera, but did I mention there are hundreds of of cheerleaders running around this place? I wanted to wait for the Tiki Room, but I was outvoted by the humans.  (Something about sitting for the entire 20 minute show...)
No Tiki Room, so I got to pose in front of the Snow White grotto.  Big friggin' deal, huh.

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