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I wanted to go see Minnie again, and Robin wanted rock candy (as did the boy, although frankly, he's getting a little too chubby and should probably cut back a bit).  At any rate, we wandered to the park as a very brief day trip.   Honestly, I spent more time in the car than the park, which was cold, damn, and miserable.  Perhaps if Minnie wasn't hiding from me it would have all been worth it, but she wouldn't come out of her place and said hi.

After parking in the Timone lot (row 9), I took the tram over with the other two.  Since they were being a bit embarrassing, I elected to sit alone.
I decided not to document my humiliating rejection in Toon Town at Minnie's place.  Use your imagination, but it wasn't pretty.
We returned to Tomorrowland's Star Trader and I bought rock candy to bribe the boy with, as well as a Minnie Pez dispenser.  If I can't even see her, at least I'll have a little something around the place to remind me of her.
With our purchases being carried by the girl (a big part of why we brought her; everyone needs a porter), I'm waiting for the Disneyland Railroad to pull in and chauffeur us to the Main Gate.

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