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Going to Disneyland, trip after trip, with the bald wonder and his usual cronies is fun, sure.  Once.  Twice, tops.  Every so often, I just gotta go and chill with folks that aren't, well, dorks.  This was just such a dork-free trip.  And I got to wear the fat Cal cap, fo sho'.

Just hangin' with da folks.  Sure, there's one too many dudes in the pic, but what can ya do? On the Jungle Cruise.  After we were helped aboard by Becky, not pictured here (sigh). Yup, I'm surrounded by really interestingly dressed people.  I love public gatherings.
The Disneyland chick ain't lyin' about the place getting full fast.  I'm stuck wedged on the ground. ... but not for long.  It's important to be with folks who got your back. But when he gets old, the options for pals just get better and better.
After all them crowds, it was nice to get away and just have a sit on one of the benches. Sure, he's cute.  Bet I would be, too, if someone ever bothered to actually buy me clothes. But yo -- ain't I the coolest, just chillin' in the Cal cap.  Don't even need cover-alls; word, yo.

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