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In this, presumably, the last trip of 2003 to Disneyland (there's still nine more park operating days, but the odds aren't favorable), I begin.

  • "A Christmas Fantasy" Parade - In the spirit of political correctness, you'd think they'd have turned this into "A Holiday Fantasy," but no such luck.
  • Electric Street Parade - Originally opened in 1972, then retired "forever," then brought back into California Adventure. (Which I'm sure had little to do with maybe hoping to boost sagging attendance when the place first opened.)
  • It's a Small World - Since I took a bunch of pictures, it gets its own section. Even if I didn't label the pictures.
  • Various Pictures - Stuff that didn't fit elsewhere, but I still took a picture that I wanted to share.
The entrance's holiday decor. The big ol' tree... And, looking down Main Street.
The New Orleans/French Quarter.    

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