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Dublin is an interesting little town, or as things seem to be portrayed on the sign, not so little. All sorts of growth, and there are even apartments being built on top of shopping centers. Weird, wild stuff, eh?

Dublin sign Wonder Bread store Dublin Hooters restaurant
No fireworks allowed -- unless you buy them in town from a non-profit group. Interesting approach. If ever I need to get Twinkies at 50% off, now I know where to go. Mmmm, stale Twinkies... Just like in Savannah, this isn't an owl bar... and one that residents didn't seem to want here at first...
New home construction in Dublin Homes in Dublin Santa Rita Jail in Dublin
Lots and lots and lots of home construction going on here. And at $750,000 each, I can guess why. Some are quite close together, but they don't seem to be losing any value... ... even if they're about a mile from the county's 3,500+ bed jail. Next door to the jail? A federal prison.

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