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262 or so people call Farmington home, somewhat tucked along the roadside of Highway 4 snaking through San Joaquin County and along the way as you delve east into the Gold Country areas of Calaveras County. A quiet, cute little town.

Farmington, California Farmington, California Farmington, California
They had the usual green-and-white sign, too, but I preferred this one - more character. A road-side bird house sale. Nothing large enough for ducks (I checked), but still quaint. The Farmington Volunteer Fire Station... no number, but when there's only one, there's no need.
Farmington, California Farmington, California  
The General Store right on the corner of Highway 4 and Escalon Bellota Road. Lagorio's Grill & Bar - impressive facade face, but the roof line behind reveals a shorter building.  

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