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Roaring Camp Railroad

As a joint venture of Tubby's curious fascination with trains, and my having a weekend free, I made the lard lad drive me to the outskirts of Felton, California to check out the Roaring Camp Railroads (golly yes, they even have a web site). They have both a train through the redwood grove there that we took, and a second one from here to Santa Cruz on the beach, which will be a future trip, fortunes permitting.

Roaring Camp covered bridge Steam engine arriving at depot Train lumbering through the trees
Skipping the sign about the $6 fee for parking, I thought this was a suitable sign to pose near. The 12:30pm train rolled in and we boarded up, once the folks from the 11am hobbled off. Thundering along, we had redwood trees on both sides of us, which is apparently the delight of the ride.
A view skyward of the redwoods The burned out train trestle The small engine attaching a caboose to the train
At the top of Bear Mountain, we paused to hear about trees; Tubby just took pictures of the train. The wooden train trestle caught fire a few decades ago and burned for 12 hours. Not much left now. We got back and saw them use a teeny engine to attach a caboose (part of a kid's birthday party).

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