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Harmony has been on the ups and downs of population, expansion and business consolidation since its creation in the 19th century. Today, it's seemingly accurate in its claim of a population of 18, though that probably doubles with the nearby road crew working on the turn-lane expansion.

Harmoney, California Harmoney, California Harmoney, California
Any town with a population of 18 and its own ZIP code is worth a gander, really. There's Harmony Cellars, which is arguably the only really active business in town. The welcome sign and pottery shop are inviting enough, and the shop is still open.
Harmoney, California Harmoney, California Harmoney, California
Few other buildings, including the post office (closed in early 2008), haven't fared so well lining the only street in this one horse town (minus the horse). Though likely due to limited space, the singular "business" is somewhat fitting, I'd say.

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