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Hearst Castle

Not technically a castle, but it's largely what folks call the ranch-turned-state park of the publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst. The estate once stood at 240,000 acres, and while the buildings were an on-going project that never saw a completion (even after Hearst's death), construction has since ceased, and the hilltop mansion is now a preserved state park.

Hearst Castle Hearst Castle Hearst Castle
Sure, they say it's not really a castle, yet, here it is, right on the entrance sign. These grand steps lead up to a mere guest house, not even the main house. Nice, eh? Hearst did enjoy the pools, and this is the main one, themed with Greek accents and art.
Hearst Castle Hearst Castle Hearst Castle
The oldest pieces on the estate are the Egyptian statues, dating to be over 3,000 years old. Throughout the estate are colorful, elaborate gardens, sprinkled with marble works of art. A view of the main house, as you approach, with its Mediterranean exterior and tall bell tower.

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