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The home of the stars, of big signs on the hillside, of guys dressed like Elvis walking around every day.  Well, sure, it's odd, but remember, Hollywood is fully within the city limits of Los Angeles -- 'nuff said..

We're encased in fog, but we're in the city of the silver screen. The Monty Python cast played here in the 70s... Live at the Hollywood Bowl, it was. Hollywood Boulevard, complete with a fancy McDonalds and inflatable Charlie Chaplin.  Right.
The Chinese Theatre, where many stars have their hand- and footprints in the concrete. The prints of The Duke, John Wayne, cast here in 1950. You thought I was making up the Elvis thing?  Oh yeah, red cape on the left?  Superman.
Walt Disney got a star, sure.  But how come Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't have one?  Exactly...! Hollywood and Vine.  Why is this important?  Not sure, but I've heard it said many times. It's harder than hell to get close to the sign; after 90 minutes, we settled for a shot through the fog.

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