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I got an invite to visit an Indian casino/resort, so being a good guest, I went. Different, quite different. The casino itself didn't pay out very well at all, the odds were slanted far more favorably to the casino than you'd find in Reno, Vegas or Atlantic City, but at least the drive was hot and bleak.

Well, I guess this somewhat gives away where it was, but I would guess the setup here isn't unique. The room, on the top floor, isn't the usual -- we ended up in a rather fancy room, as rooms go. Even if the view was premium, of the hill, and the terraced landscaping.
From the room, we could also see the solar panel array, but it didn't seem enough to power the place. The pool was also nice, but the hours seemed a bit skimpy -- just 9am until 10pm daily. Oh, the casino. Mostly Vegas-like, but things like unmarked roulette wheels tripped me up.

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