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A cute little California gold-rush town, its got the history piece, the modern piece, and some other pieces. Not a bad place to go for a brief visit, but I don't know that I could stand it for a whole weekend, and unless I had little ones that were nerdy history types, I don't know that I would subject children to having to visit it. Well, maybe once. Maybe.

Founded in 1849, apparently... saves me a trip to the library to do research. This is more or less the main street of old stuff. It's short, but old. Taken literally, I guess you don't need to be cautious of children walking home from school.
Oooooh, so this is The Place. Nothing to do with anything, I just thoughtit was a neat wall mural thing of days gone by. If you're looking for a cute Bed & Breakfast, I'd maybe try the Palm Hotel.

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