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Sure, normally this is just a few pictures and that's that. But this place is bigger than six pictures. So, I've arranged it into sections or themes, and you can go from there. And I put some of the introductory pictures here, and the others are on the other pages.

  • Miniland - We were told the park has 30 million bricks; 20 million went into these miniature scenes in the middle of the park. (There were tons more, but I called it quits with how many pictures I took.)
  • Rides & Attractions - Various pictures of the things to see and do other than the miniature models.
  • Various Creations - These may have been part of something, or just there, but I didn't bother to make more categories.
Rather than the usual sorts of letters, we had giant brick letters held up by little people. The entrance was both colorful and involved a fair number of bricks and Lego tidbits. Just inside was this Lego tourist, who was good for both a photo opportunity or a perch to rest on.

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