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Livermore really seems to be one of those places that wants you to be bloody well sure they're a winery town. It's on most of the signs, the historical markers often are wine-related, there's teeny vineyards everywhere (including in the middle of housing developments). So if you think you're looking at a lot of grapes, imagine being here with me today.

Livermore city sign Vineyard fields Concannon Winery entrance
There are the boring green signs, but it's made of concrete, and how nice is that? You can't swing a broom without hitting grapes; lots of homes are built next to the vineyards, too. Concannon Wineries. They have been here for well over 100 years, and the sign seems to prove it.
Wente Winery main entrance Livermore Lab gate Windmills in the Livermore hills
Wente Wineries have vineyards all over the place; this is the entrance for the restaurant and golf course. The Lawrence Livermore Lab, but this clearly isn't the way to the visitor's center (it's around back). On the eastern hills are tons of electric windmills sprinkled along the Altamont Pass hills.

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