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Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura was in the plans to be setup in 1770, but a lack of military escorts delayed it until 1782. The first church burned down in 1793, the second was abandoned for some vague 'door gave way' notations, and the third, under construction in 1795 and completed in 1809, is part of what stands today within the remnants of the quadrangle. The series of December 1812 earthquakes briefly drove the missionaries and local Native Americans inland to avoid a seismic sea wave following the quake, but there's no specified damage from the quake to the mission grounds.

Mission San Buenaventura

Like the others, secularization affected Mission San Buenaventura and it went into private possession. After California became part of the United States, the local Roman Catholic bishop petitioned for the mission's return, which was granted in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln. Following damanged from an 1857 earthquake, the tile roof was replaced with shingles, and a 'modernization' effort in the 1890s altered much of the old church (inside and out). Renovations in the 1950 returned much of the mission back to its original look and design, and the tile roof replaced in 1976.

Mission San Buenaventura Mission San Buenaventura

Founded: March 31, 1782 (#9) by Father Junipero Serra, in present-day Ventua, California at 211 East Main Street.

Visit: Admission is $5 adults, $4 seniors (65+ and active military with ID), $2 children 5-17, 4 and under are free; as of July 2018. Daily from 10am until 5pm; opens at 9am Saturdays; Closed Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter and Thanksgiving Day.

Learn more: Mission's Web Site * Wikipedia: Mission San Buenaventura * Photos I Took * Tour Map (PDF will open in a new window; copyright Mission San Buenaventura)

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