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Mission San Jose

Named for Saint Joseph, formally named La Mision del Gloriosisimo Patriarch San Jose. Rumors that its common name is short for Mission san Jose de Guadalupe are completely false - in the early 1900s, a sign on the museum portion claimed this name, and some authors since have confused this name with the actual name of this mission. Despite the city to the south of the same name - San Jose, California - the two are only associated with the mutual namesake, Saint Joseph.

The mission thrived under the efforts of the local Ohlone Indians, who had been in the area for generations. The mission was founded in 1797, with the first adobe church built in 1809. The church and several buildings were destroyed by an earthquate in 1868, though the convento survived (and today is the museum building). The mission began reconstruction in 1982, modeled after its design in the 1830s, and completed this mammoth effort in 1985.

Mission San Jose

The Mexican goverment secularized this mission in 1833, launching the building and property into gradual decay, and the earthquake of 1868 did significant damage to the structures here. Various restoration efforts were undertaken over the years, with the most significant in the early 1980s, which restored the church and grounds to the mission-era appearance.

Mission San Jose Mission San Jose

Founded: June 11, 1797 (#14) by Padre Fermin Francisco de Laseun, in present-day Fremont, California at 43300 Mission Boulevard.

Visit: Admission ($3 adults, $2 children; as of July 2018); open daily 10am-5pm, except New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas; church hours and services may vary (contact the mission or review its web site for current information)

Learn more: Mission's Web Site * Wikipedia: Mission san Juan Bautista * Photos I Took * Tour Map (PDF will open in a new window; copyright Mission san Jose)

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