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Mission Santa Cruz

Mission Santa Cruz was dedicated on August 28, 1791 with a simple tent and cross being put up initially, though the early mission grounds flodded that same winter. Over the course of the next three years, a rebuilt mission was constructed (on a hill, looking down on the river instead of near it). The 1794 mission was destoryed by an earthquake in 1857, and a wood facade put up to help strengthen it - though the property was used for other purposes following the secularization of the missions in 1834. A new church was built nearby in 1858, and the current Holy Cross church built (in 1889) on the site of the original mission grounds.

Mission Santa Cruz

The current "mission" building is a replica, privately funded in 1931. The replica chapel (pictured below) was an adaptation from an 1876 painting, as there were no drawings or photos of the original mission buildings to use as a basis for the project. That 1876 painting hangs in the nave of the Mission Santa Cruz chapel today. (The "nave" is the area typically from the main entrance until roughly where the area of a church, often built in a cross shape, meets the cross-section and the sides get wider out to the left and right.).

Mission Santa Cruz Mission Santa Cruz

Founded: August 28, 1791 (#12) by Father Fermin Lasuen, in present-day Santa Cruz, California at 130 Emmett Street.

Visit: Two sites, really...

  1. The replica mission chapel is generally open daily; the gift shop is open Tuesdays through saturday, 10am until 4pm, and Sundays from 10am until 2pm. Closed Mondays, except after major holiday weekends (best to call first).
  2. The neighboring California State Park at Santa Cruz Mission, call to confirm but generally: Sunday 12 noon to 4pm; Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am to 4pm, closed Christmas. No admission fee.

Learn more: Mission's Web Site * Wikipedia: Mission Santa Cruz * Photos I Took * Tour Map (PDF will open in a new window; copyright California State Parks at Mission Santa Cruz)

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