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Mountain House

Mountain House is one of those master-planned communities -- on steroids. After nearly two decades of planning, they started construction maybe a year ago, and the first wave of homes, a fire station, mini-market and a school are in place. (No, really, it even says so on their web site.)

Mountain House Mountain House Mountain House
Given the entire city is new, there is just one main office for getting the '411' -- kinda handy, really. Everything still looks pretty pristine, tidy, a little too Stepford Wives, in a way... Ah, now we get down to the dust and dirt. Or not... it's one of the extensive preserve and trail areas.
Mountain House Mountain House Wicklund's Market
I don't know if it's just the point of view, but these homes look a bit more lived in and cozy to me. One of the two old-style bridges, with a recent year stamp... though still written in Roman numerals. Wicklund's Market is the one and only store here (currently; for more, you have to go to Tracy).

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