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San Diego Zoo

Long after I visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I finally made my way to the Zoo half of the park system, and the home of a couple of panda bears. Since we mostly saw sleeping pandas, I'd suggest viewing the Zoo's PandaCam if you want to see them doing more (and you see them awake, anyway).

San Diego Zoo entrance Panda Mei Sheng at the San Diego Zoo Panda Gao Gao at the San Diego Zoo
Like everything else I do in life, it begins with a sign of some sort... and yup, I'm here for the pandas. So, photos out of order, let's start with Mei Sheng, the panda teen who was up for a morning snack. Her dad, Gao Gao, is napping yet again, which isn't unusual, apparently.
Flamingos at the San Diego Zoo Sleeping polar bear at the San Diego Zoo African elephant at the San Diego Zoo
Near the entrance was a myriad of pink flamingos. (Makes you feel like you're in Florida, huh...) The polar bear was taking a cue from the pandas, and opted to nap through our visit to his area. This African elephant was all about being up and about (and eating a tree branch).

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