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San Dimas

We were in town for Serena and Jon's wedding. Before the festivities, I decided to give the place a wander. According to the guide in the motel, 35,000 or so people, and a plethora of trees and a set of train tracks bisecting the city. All in all, quiet and pleasant.

San Dimas, CA San Dimas, CA San Dimas, CA
Talk about your going all out for a sign welcoming you to the city limits. Downtown seems like many others: revitalized, quaint, and a touch older than it ought to look. The secret to the super clean streets: early morning cleaning crews wandering the streets.
San Dimas, CA San Dimas, CA San Dimas, CA
Drive too far in any one direction, and you'll encounter a number of hills and mountains. Hmm... Trees everywhere -- and not just in the popular areas. A green city all about, certainly. If nothing else, San Dimas can lay claim to being a gateway to Santa Ana via Highway 57.

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